• faculty

  • Achinstein

    Peter Achinstein

    Professor of Philosophy
    PhD, Harvard University

    410-516-7516 Gilman 204

    Research Interests: Philosophy of science; analytic philosophy

  • Bett

    Richard Bett

    Professor of Philosophy and Chair
    PhD, University of California, Berkeley

    410-516-6863 Gilman 202

    Research Interests: Ancient Greek philosophy

  • JustinBledin

    Justin Bledin

    Assistant Professor of Philosophy
    PhD, UC Berkeley

    410-516-2024 Gilman 206

    Research Interests: Logic, Philosophy of Language (esp. Formal Semantics), Epistemology

  • HilaryBok_JHU9544

    Hilary Bok

    Associate Professor of Philosophy, Luce Professor in Bioethics and Moral and Political Theory, Director of Bioethics Program
    PhD, Harvard University

    410-516-7020 Gilman 278

    Research Interests: Ethics; bioethics; freedom of the will; Kant

  • Forster

    Eckart Förster

    Professor of Philosophy
    PhD, Oxford University

    410-516-8041 Gilman 292

    Research Interests: Metaphysics; history of philosophy; Kant and German idealism

  • Gross

    Steven Gross

    Associate Professor of Philosophy & Placement Coordinator
    PhD, Harvard University

    410-516-4763 Gilman 272

    Research Interests: Philosophy of language and mind; metaphysics

  • Yitzhak Melamed

    Yitzhak Y. Melamed

    Professor of Philosophy
    PhD, Yale University

    410-516-0568 Gilman 274

    Research Interests: Early modern philosophy; German idealism; metaphysics

  • Moyar

    Dean Moyar

    Associate Professor of Philosophy & Director of Graduate Studies
    PhD, University of Chicago

    410-516-7523 Gilman 276

    Research Interests: German idealism; ethics; political philosophy

  • Rynasiewicz

    Robert Rynasiewicz

    Professor of Philosophy
    PhD, University of Minnesota

    410-516-7514 Gilman 294

    Research Interests: Logic; philosophy of science; history and philosophy of physics

  • Theunissen

    L. Nandi Theunissen

    Duane L. Peterson Assistant Professor in Ethics, and Director of Undergraduate Studies
    PhD, Columbia University

    410-516-5570 Gilman 280

    Research Interests: Ethics

  • MeredithWilliams

    Meredith Williams

    Professor of Philosophy
    PhD, New York University

    410-516-7674 Gilman 290

    Research Interests: Philosophy of mind; Wittgenstein; philosophy of psychology

  • MichaelWilliams

    Michael Williams

    Krieger-Eisenhower Professor
    PhD, Princeton University

    410-516-7030 Gilman 270

    Research Interests: Epistemology; philosophy of language; history of modern philosophy


Stephen Barker

Jerome B. Schneewind
130 8th Avenue, Apt 8A
Brooklyn, NY 11215-1755

Joint/Adjunct Appointments

Jeffrey Bub
Philosophy of Quantum Mechanics
University of Maryland, College Park

Hent de Vries
Modern European Thought
Humanities Center

Paola Marrati
Contemporary French Thought
Humanities Center

Maria Merritt
Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics
Bloomberg School of Public Health

Lawrence Principe
History and Philosophy of Science
Department of History of Science and Technology

Andrew Siegel
Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics