Hanna Pickard

Hanna Pickard

Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of Philosophy and Bioethics

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Research Interests: Philosophy of mind, philosophy of psychiatry, moral psychology, clinical ethics

Education: DPhil, Oxford University

I am a Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of Philosophy and Bioethics at  Johns Hopkins University cross-appointed to the William H. Miller III Department of Philosophy  and the Berman Institute of Bioethics, and affiliated with the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences. 

I specialise in philosophy of mind, philosophy of psychiatry, moral psychology and clinical ethics. As well as being an analytic philosopher, I worked for a decade at The Oxfordshire Complex Needs Service, a NHS specialist service for people with personality disorders and complex needs. My research is interdisciplinary: I tend to explore  philosophical questions that arise out of clinical practice and related science, often in connection with criminal and mental health law and policy. I work on a wide range of topics, including the nature of mental disorders, delusions, agency, character, the emotions, self-harm, violence, placebos, therapeutic relationships, decision-making capacity, the self and social identity, and attitudes towards mental disorder and crime.

I currently have two central research projects: Responsibility without Blame and Addiction