Department News

Welcome Katharina Kraus!

The Department warmly welcomes Katharina Kraus as Miller Associate Professor of Philosophy. Katharina specializes in the history of modern philosophy, focusing especially on Immanuel Kant as well as on other thinkers of the European Enlightenment (e.g., John Locke and Gottfried W. Leibniz). More recently, she has begun to explore selected post-Kantian traditions of thought from […]

Welcome Patrick Connolly!

The Department warmly welcomes Patrick Connolly as Associate Professor of Philosophy. Patrick specializes in early modern philosophy and the history and philosophy of science. He is an expert on the work of John Locke, Isaac Newton, and Susanna Newcome.

Congratulations to Jenann Ismael!

Huge congratulations to Jenann Ismael upon her ascension to the William H. Miller III Professorship of Philosophy! Jenann is the inaugural holder of this new named chair.