We recognize that it can be financially burdensome to relocate to a new city to attend a Ph.D. program. Students who are accepted to Ph.D. programs at JHU can apply to receive a $1,500 need-based grant to offset the costs of relocating to JHU.

All students admitted to the Ph.D. program receive financial assistance. (There is no financial aid available for students pursuing the terminal MA or the BA/MA degrees. Note, however, that BA/MA students whose MA-level studies extend into a fifth year get a 50% discount on their tuition in their fifth year.) Support is guaranteed for six years, provided that a student continues to make satisfactory progress towards completion of the Ph.D. degree. Department fellowships provide full tuition, health insurance coverage, and a 12-month stipend. Students are required to teach for six semesters, with the expectation that one will serve as a teaching assistant for five semesters and the opportunity to teach a class of one’s own design in an additional semester.

All students receive an annual $1000 research and travel budget and a membership in the American Philosophical Association. Students can request further travel funds from the department if they exceed the annual allowance.