Graduate Courses

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Course # (Section) Title Day/Times Instructor Location Term Course Details
AS.150.637 (01)Self and Self-Formation in Kant and selected Post-Kantian ThinkersW 10:00AM - 12:30PMKraus, KatharinaGilman 288Spring 2023
AS.150.641 (01)Dept ColloquiumTh 4:00PM - 6:00PMBledin, JustinGilman 288Spring 2023
AS.150.652 (01)Topics in Epistemology, Language and MindW 1:30PM - 4:00PMHolguín, Ben WaltonGilman 288Spring 2023
AS.150.810 (01)Independent StudyPickard, Hanna Spring 2023
AS.150.810 (02)Independent StudyAllais, Lucy Spring 2023
AS.150.810 (03)Independent StudyGross, Steven Spring 2023
AS.150.810 (04)Independent StudyMoyar, Dean Spring 2023
AS.150.810 (05)Independent StudyRynasiewicz, Robert Spring 2023
AS.150.810 (06)Independent StudyLebron, Christopher Joseph Spring 2023
AS.150.810 (07)Independent StudyBok, Hilary Spring 2023
AS.150.810 (08)Independent StudyBett, Richard Spring 2023
AS.150.810 (09)Independent StudyWilliams, Michael Spring 2023
AS.150.810 (10)Independent StudyBledin, Justin Spring 2023
AS.150.810 (11)Independent StudyAchinstein, Peter Spring 2023
AS.150.810 (12)Independent StudyMelamed, Yitzhak Yohanan Spring 2023
AS.150.810 (13)Independent StudyTaylor, Elanor Jane Spring 2023
AS.150.810 (14)Independent StudyPhillips, Ian B Spring 2023
AS.150.810 (15)Independent StudyHolguín, Ben Walton Spring 2023
AS.150.810 (16)Independent StudyIsmael, Jenann T Spring 2023
AS.150.810 (17)Independent StudyCarroll, Sean Michael Spring 2023
AS.150.810 (18)Independent StudyVelleman, James David Spring 2023
AS.150.811 (01)Directed StudyAllais, Lucy Spring 2023
AS.150.811 (02)Directed StudyPickard, Hanna Spring 2023
AS.150.811 (03)Directed StudyGross, Steven Spring 2023
AS.150.811 (04)Directed StudyMoyar, Dean Spring 2023
AS.150.811 (05)Directed StudyRynasiewicz, Robert Spring 2023
AS.150.811 (06)Directed StudyLebron, Christopher Joseph Spring 2023
AS.150.811 (07)Directed StudyBok, Hilary Spring 2023
AS.150.811 (08)Directed StudyBett, Richard Spring 2023
AS.150.811 (09)Directed StudyWilliams, Michael Spring 2023
AS.150.811 (10)Directed StudyBledin, Justin Spring 2023
AS.150.811 (11)Directed StudyAchinstein, Peter Spring 2023
AS.150.811 (12)Directed StudyMelamed, Yitzhak Yohanan Spring 2023
AS.150.811 (13)Directed StudyTaylor, Elanor Jane Spring 2023
AS.150.811 (14)Directed StudyPhillips, Ian B Spring 2023
AS.150.811 (15)Directed StudyHolguín, Ben Walton Spring 2023
AS.150.811 (16)Directed StudyIsmael, Jenann T Spring 2023
AS.150.811 (17)Directed StudyCarroll, Sean Michael Spring 2023
AS.150.811 (18)Directed StudyVelleman, James David Spring 2023
AS.150.812 (01)Directed StudyPickard, Hanna Spring 2023
AS.150.812 (02)Directed StudyAllais, Lucy Spring 2023
AS.150.812 (03)Directed StudyGross, Steven Spring 2023
AS.150.812 (04)Directed StudyMoyar, Dean Spring 2023
AS.150.812 (05)Directed StudyRynasiewicz, Robert Spring 2023
AS.150.812 (06)Directed StudyLebron, Christopher Joseph Spring 2023
AS.150.812 (07)Directed StudyBok, Hilary Spring 2023
AS.150.812 (08)Directed StudyBett, Richard Spring 2023
AS.150.812 (09)Directed StudyWilliams, Michael Spring 2023
AS.150.812 (10)Directed StudyBledin, Justin Spring 2023
AS.150.812 (11)Directed StudyAchinstein, Peter Spring 2023
AS.150.812 (12)Directed StudyMelamed, Yitzhak Yohanan Spring 2023
AS.150.812 (13)Directed StudyTaylor, Elanor Jane Spring 2023
AS.150.812 (14)Directed StudyPhillips, Ian B Spring 2023
AS.150.812 (15)Directed StudyKosch, Michelle Spring 2023
AS.150.823 (01)READINGS AND SKILLS IN CONTEMPORARY PHILOSOPHY IIT 4:00PM - 6:00PMPhillips, Ian B; Pickard, HannaGilman 288Spring 2023
AS.150.825 (01)Research SeminarT 4:00PM - 6:00PMGross, StevenGilman 288Spring 2023
AS.213.705 (01)Hegel’s Phenomenology of SpiritT 1:30PM - 3:30PMPahl, KatrinGilman 479Spring 2023
AS.150.850 (01)Summer ResearchAchinstein, Peter Summer 2023
AS.150.850 (02)Summer ResearchAllais, Lucy Summer 2023
AS.150.850 (03)Summer ResearchBett, Richard Summer 2023
AS.150.850 (04)Summer ResearchBledin, Justin Summer 2023
AS.150.850 (05)Summer ResearchBok, Hilary Summer 2023
AS.150.850 (06)Summer ResearchGross, Steven Summer 2023
AS.150.850 (07)Summer ResearchLebron, Christopher Joseph Summer 2023
AS.150.850 (08)Summer ResearchMelamed, Yitzhak Yohanan Summer 2023
AS.150.850 (09)Summer ResearchMoyar, Dean Summer 2023
AS.150.850 (10)Summer ResearchPhillips, Ian B Summer 2023
AS.150.850 (11)Summer ResearchPickard, Hanna Summer 2023
AS.150.850 (12)Summer ResearchRynasiewicz, Robert Summer 2023
AS.150.850 (13)Summer ResearchTaylor, Elanor Jane Summer 2023
AS.150.850 (14)Summer ResearchVelleman, James David Summer 2023
AS.150.850 (15)Summer ResearchWilliams, Michael Summer 2023
AS.150.850 (16)Summer ResearchHolguín, Ben Walton Summer 2023
AS.150.850 (17)Summer ResearchCarroll, Sean Michael Summer 2023
AS.150.641 (01)Dept ColloquiumTh 4:00PM - 6:00PMStaffGilman 288Fall 2023
AS.150.652 (01)Topics in Epistemology, Language and MindM 1:30PM - 4:00PMHolguín, Ben WaltonGilman 288Fall 2023
AS.150.653 (01)Seminar: Philosophy of PhysicsW 1:30PM - 4:00PMIsmael, Jenann T; Rynasiewicz, RobertGilman 288Fall 2023
AS.150.666 (01)Philosophy of Emotional AttachmentF 1:30PM - 4:00PMWonderly, Monique LisaGilman 288Fall 2023
AS.150.684 (01)Philosophical Issues in Newton and NewtonianismW 4:00PM - 6:30PMConnolly, PatrickGilman 288Fall 2023
AS.150.810 (01)Independent StudyAllais, Lucy Fall 2023
AS.150.810 (02)Independent StudyPickard, Hanna Fall 2023
AS.150.810 (03)Independent StudyGross, Steven Fall 2023
AS.150.810 (04)Independent StudyMoyar, Dean Fall 2023
AS.150.810 (05)Independent StudyRynasiewicz, Robert Fall 2023
AS.150.810 (06)Independent StudyLebron, Christopher Joseph Fall 2023
AS.150.810 (07)Independent StudyBok, Hilary Fall 2023
AS.150.810 (08)Independent StudyBett, Richard Fall 2023
AS.150.810 (09)Independent StudyWilliams, Michael Fall 2023
AS.150.810 (10)Independent StudyBledin, Justin Fall 2023
AS.150.810 (11)Independent StudyAchinstein, Peter Fall 2023
AS.150.810 (12)Independent StudyMelamed, Yitzhak Yohanan Fall 2023
AS.150.810 (13)Independent StudyTaylor, Elanor Jane Fall 2023
AS.150.810 (14)Independent StudyPhillips, Ian B Fall 2023
AS.150.810 (15)Independent StudyHolguín, Ben Walton Fall 2023
AS.150.810 (16)Independent StudyIsmael, Jenann T Fall 2023
AS.150.810 (17)Independent StudyCarroll, Sean Michael Fall 2023
AS.150.810 (18)Independent StudyVelleman, James David Fall 2023
AS.150.810 (19)Independent StudyConnolly, Patrick Fall 2023
AS.150.810 (20)Independent StudyKraus, Katharina Fall 2023
AS.150.811 (01)Directed StudyAllais, Lucy Fall 2023
AS.150.811 (02)Directed StudyPickard, Hanna Fall 2023
AS.150.811 (03)Directed StudyGross, Steven Fall 2023
AS.150.811 (04)Directed StudyMoyar, Dean Fall 2023
AS.150.811 (05)Directed StudyRynasiewicz, Robert Fall 2023
AS.150.811 (06)Directed StudyLebron, Christopher Joseph Fall 2023
AS.150.811 (07)Directed StudyBok, Hilary Fall 2023
AS.150.811 (08)Directed StudyBett, Richard Fall 2023
AS.150.811 (09)Directed StudyWilliams, Michael Fall 2023
AS.150.811 (10)Directed StudyBledin, Justin Fall 2023
AS.150.811 (11)Directed StudyAchinstein, Peter Fall 2023
AS.150.811 (12)Directed StudyMelamed, Yitzhak Yohanan Fall 2023
AS.150.811 (13)Directed StudyTaylor, Elanor Jane Fall 2023
AS.150.811 (14)Directed StudyPhillips, Ian B Fall 2023
AS.150.811 (15)Directed StudyHolguín, Ben Walton Fall 2023
AS.150.811 (16)Directed StudyIsmael, Jenann T Fall 2023
AS.150.811 (17)Directed StudyCarroll, Sean Michael Fall 2023
AS.150.811 (18)Directed StudyVelleman, James David Fall 2023
AS.150.811 (19)Directed StudyConnolly, Patrick Fall 2023
AS.150.811 (20)Directed StudyKraus, Katharina Fall 2023
AS.150.822 (01)Readings and Skills in Contemporary Philosophy Part IT 4:00PM - 6:00PMHolguín, Ben Walton; Kraus, KatharinaGilman 288Fall 2023
AS.150.824 (01)Research SeminarT 4:00PM - 6:00PMGross, StevenGilman 288Fall 2023