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Bledin wins Discovery Award

Congratulations to Justin Bledin, who along with other JHU colleagues, has won a Discovery Award to investigate “Deception and Bad-Faith Communication”. In addition, Steven Gross is part of an interdisciplinary team that won a Discovery Award for “Cosmic Visions”, a project connecting the sciences and the humanities in conjunction with the launch of the James […]

Recruitment 2023

Recruitment 2023
The department came together for an opportunity to meet with prospective students during our recent recruitment event.

Bridging the Sciences and Humanities

 “Conversations Across the Chasm” explores how Sean Carroll, Ian Phillips, and others bridge the sciences and the humanities. Read the story in Arts & Sciences Magazine.

Welcome Katharina Kraus!

The Department warmly welcomes Katharina Kraus as Miller Associate Professor of Philosophy. Katharina specializes in the history of modern philosophy, focusing especially on Immanuel Kant as well as on other thinkers of the European Enlightenment (e.g., John Locke and Gottfried W. Leibniz). More recently, she has begun to explore selected post-Kantian traditions of thought from […]

Welcome Patrick Connolly!

The Department warmly welcomes Patrick Connolly as Associate Professor of Philosophy. Patrick specializes in early modern philosophy and the history and philosophy of science. He is an expert on the work of John Locke, Isaac Newton, and Susanna Newcome.

Congratulations to Jenann Ismael!

Huge congratulations to Jenann Ismael upon her ascension to the William H. Miller III Professorship of Philosophy! Jenann is the inaugural holder of this new named chair.

Interview with Hanna Pickard on Addiction

Philosophy Professor Hanna Pickard suggests that no case of addiction is exactly like another—and understanding why someone chooses to continue using drugs despite the personal cost is vital to their recovery. Read the full story in the Hub.

Graduate Student Richard Teague in Synthese

Congratulations to Richard Teague on the publication in Synthese of his paper “The Problem of Closure and Questioning Attitudes”! Read the article here.

Simplicity and Complexity Conference

SIMPLICITY AND COMPLEXITY Thoughts by Johns Hopkins Philosophers and Physicists Saturday, September 17th, 2022 at the Glass Pavilion, Levering Hall, Homewood Campus; 9am-5:30pm Sponsored by: The Johns Hopkins Center for History and Philosophy of Science, The William H. Miller III Department of Philosophy, and the William H. Miller III Department of Physics and Astronomy “Simplicity is the […]

Hanna Pickard Interviewed

Click here for the interview of Hanna Pickard on Kieran Setiya’s Five Questions.