The department offers an accelerated BA/MA program. The requirements for the BA and for the MA remain unchanged, but in the combined BA/MA program, two 400-level courses taken as part of the BA can also be used toward the MA. This means that the MA requires only eight additional courses, rather than the 10 required for a free-standing MA. For full details of the MA program and the BA/MA program, see the Requirements handbook (2015 and after) in the Graduate section of the department website.

In order to be admitted to the BA/MA program, you must already be a philosophy major; you can apply in the spring term of your junior year or any time in your senior year. If you meet the qualification for the BA honors thesis (overall GPA of 3.0, philosophy GPA of 3.5), you will automatically be admitted; others may be admitted on a case-by-case basis. Interested students should contact the Director of Graduate Studies.

Please note that there is no departmental financial aid for BA/MA students. However, BA/MA students whose MA-level studies extend into a fifth year get a 50% discount on their tuition in their fifth year.

All application material and supporting documents should be uploaded through the online application; these include:

  • Online Application—be sure to select Combined Graduate Student option
  • Transcripts: unofficial transcripts must be uploaded through the online application.