Meredith Williams

Professor of Philosophy
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Meredith Williams taught at Wesleyan University (Connecticut) and Northwestern University before joining the Hopkins Department in 2000. Her areas of research are the later Wittgenstein and philosophy of mind and psychology. She also has an interest in the history of experimental psychology, especially the shift from the behaviorist paradigm to that of contemporary cognitive science. A number of her articles have been brought together in Wittgenstein, Mind and Meaning (1999), including papers on the problem of rule following, the significance of learning in Wittgenstein's later thought, and Wittgensteinian criticism of the computational theory of mind. In 2010, Blind Obedience was published, a book-length study of Wittgenstein's positive views concerning the problem of normativity and the social dimension of language and mind. Wittgenstein's Philosophical Investigations Critical Essays (2006) is a collection of articles on key issues in Wittgenstein's Philosophical Investigations.

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