Graduate Students

  • Nikola Andonovski

    Research Interests: Philosophy of Mind (intentionality, perception, theories of embodied cognition); Epistemology (the post-Sellarsian landscape); Philosophy of Language (pragmatics, inferentialist semantics); History of Philosophy (Wittgenstein, Heidegger, Deleuze); Meta-Ethics

  • Christopher Arledge

    Research Interests: Philosophy of physics, philosophy of science, philosophy of statistics, and philosophy of information.

  • Seunghwan Baek

    Research Interests: Kant and British Empiricism

  • Kathryn Brophy

    Research Interests: Philosophy of Mind, Metaphysics and Early Modern

  • Cara Cummings

    Research Interests: Bioethics (especially procreative ethics & genetic enhancement), Virtue Ethics, & Philosophical Logic

  • Alexander Englert

    Research Interests: German Idealism (esp. Kant and Hegel), Philosophy of Mind, Ethics

  • Zachary Gartenberg

    Research Interests: Early modern philosophy, Kant, nineteenth-century philosophy (esp. Frege and Peirce), philosophy of language, metaphysics, history and philosophy of logic.

  • Palmer Gunderson

    Research Interests: Philosophy of Mind and Psychology, Philosophy of Science, and the History of Philosophy

  • Genco Guralp

    Research Interests: History and philosophy of science, philosophy of cosmology, philosophy of physics and early modern philosophy

  • Austin Heath

    Research Interests: Epistemology, Ancient philosophy (Aristotelian and Hellenistic epistemology, ancient skepticism), Philosophy of Language

  • Rima Hussein

    Research Interests: Early Modern philosophy esp. Kant, Descartes, Leibniz and in social philosophy questions surrounding alienation and the intersections of oppressive structures

  • Angela Hvitved

    Research Interests: Ethics and bioethics, philosophy of science, and philosophy of mind

  • David Jacobs

    Research Interests: German Idealism, Nietzsche, Ancient Philosophy, origins of the Analytic-Continental Divide, Philosophical Quietism

  • Anton Kabeshkin

    Research Interests: Kant, German Idealists, early German Romantics, and other German philosophers of the late 18th through the first third of the 19th century (such as Herder, Goethe, and Schiller)

  • David Lindeman

    Research Interests: Philosophy of language, mind, and psychology

  • Tammo Lossau

    Research Interests: Epistemology, philosophy of language, metaphysics, methodology of analytic philosophy

  • Itai Marom

    Research Interests: Transcendental Logic (especially in Kant, Hegel, Frege and Wittgenstein), Ethics, Philosophy and Literature, Philosophy of Language and Philosophy of Mind

  • Joshua McBee Personal Website

    Research Interests: Metaethics, ethics, epistemology, and (to a lesser extent) ancient philosophy

  • Patrick O’Donnell

    Research Interests: Philosophy of Race and Gender, Philosophy of Language (formal semantics and pragmatics, especially the semantics and pragmatics of generic sentences and slurring words), Philosophy of Psychology

  • Matthew O’Dowd

    Research Interests: epistemology, philosophy of language, metaphysics, and history of analytic philosophy

  • Kevin Powell

    Research Interests: Metaethics and normative ethics, animal rights theory, and Ancient philosophy (especially Aristotle's ethics).

  • Maegan Reese

    Research Interests: Philosophy of language, epistemology, and artificial intelligence.

  • Adam Reid

    Research Interests: Social and Political Philosophy, Applied Ethics, Animal Rights.

  • Eamon Roach

    Research Interests: 19th-century German Thought, particularly Hegel; Moral Philosophy; Aesthetics

  • Josef Simpson

    Research Interests: Epistemology: epistemic normativity and epistemic agency; free will; moral psychology

  • Richard Teague

    Research Interests: Epistemology, Philosophy of Science, Philosophical Logic, Philosophy of Language

  • Tom Wilk Personal Website

    Research Interests: Epistemology; philosophy of language; philosophy of mind; the history of Early Modern philosophy (particularly Hume)

  • David Williams

    Research Interests: Ethics, value theory, personal identity, alienation, food.

Joint PhD Students

Luce de Lire
Philosophy, Media and Communication, Gender Studies
German and Romance Languages and Literatures

Alexander Host
Aesthetics (primarily Kant, Hegel, and Nietzsche) and Post-Wittgensteinian Philosophy (primarily Cavell)
Humanities Center

Jason Yonover
Early Modern Philosophy, German Idealism, Political Philosophy
German and Romance Languages and Literatures